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Single system of metal powder series
Fundamental Pre-Alloyed Powder Series
Special pre-alloy powder series

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  Company Profile
    Mengda is a new material science and technology company specialized in research, production and distribution of metal powders, with Shanghai Mengda Metallurgical Material Co. Ltd in Songjiang of Shanghai and 120mu Nantong Mengda Metal Co., Ltd in Nantong of Jiangsu Province under its jurisdiction.
  Mengda Brand metal powder series (cobalt powder, nickel powder, tin powder, pre-alloyed powder, copper podwer, etc.) are widely used for industries such as hard alloy, diamond tool, powder metallurgy, electric carbon products, friction material, magnetic material, chargeable batteries, seawater desalinization, electric plating and painting.
今年全球铜需求预 计增长5.4%
中国已成为全球再 生有色金属产业
2011年高铝黏土和萤石 矿开采
钨、锑和稀土勘探 开采权暂不放开
发改委:中国将建 立有色金属收储
国内部分有色产品 出口退税率或被
钨精矿价格趋稳 钨铁成交不行
日本七月粗钢产量 连续第五个月同
Cobalt powder Nickel carbonyl powder Electrolytic copper powder Tin Powder
Reduced iron powder Copper-Tin 10 Bronze powder Fundamental Pre-Alloyed Powder Series
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Tel.: (86)-513-81905555 Fax: (86)-513-81902888
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